The following terms are used to explain how personal information is collected later so that the user can make an informed and informed choice about the use of the website. All personal data collected is stored securely, ensuring full compliance with GDPR privacy legislation. All personal data that is subsequently acquired via the website must be previously known and accepted by the user. Where the personal information acquired is acquired (via forms registered on the Web for feedback, registration, requests, etc.), the User will be informed in advance about what personal information is gathered, who uses it and for what purpose to use is used. All personal data that you provide are treated with maximum security. The personal information that you provide is stored within the digital database system for as long as necessary and can always be updated using the declared purpose when originally requested. We have updated our privacy policies, guaranteed full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), entered into force on May 25, 2018. To visit this website and use the services s required the age of majority or surveillance of an adult.



By registering on the website, you give your consent to receive the newsletter. The user has the right to subscribe to our mailing list in which he has joined, at any time by clicking on the link to register the registration available at the bottom of our newsletter. The full and managed e-mail name will never be sold or provided by company or software of parts. The full name and email address are stored by the Mailchimp software.



By sending us an e-mail or a request your full name and e-mail will be published on our e-mail server. Your full name and e-mail address will not be used to subscribe to any mailing list or marketing list and for any other reason. Your full name and e-mail address will not be sold to software or parts companies. By clicking on the "SUBMIT" button in the contact form you will give your consent for your full name and e-mail address, together with your request, based on European legislation. For all sensitive information such as: data consisting of race or ethnic origin , political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or membership of trade unions, genetic data, biometric data, health data or data relating to sexual life or sexual orientation of the natural person, the GDPR makes explicit consent mandatory.



You are solely responsible in all respects for the use and protection of the confidentiality of any user name and password that may be provided or selected by you for use on our websites. You may not share or transfer them to third parties. You must immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of them or any other breach of security relating to our website that comes to your knowledge.



We use Google Analytics services to keep track of demographic data and the number of visitors (not personal data or sensitive data). This service is provided to obtain detailed information about visitors and to provide more personalized campaigns. All data is stored on Google Inc. servers.



We are using third-party plugins to maximize our website and online content. For this purpose we do not collect personal data.



We use parts share plug-ins on our website to offer a unified experience while browsing our website. These part plug-ins are compliant with all major GDPR platform policies of social media.



Our website is secure and has an active SSL certificate installed. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, an encryption technology. No personal data is collected by this service.



We use services that guarantee security to our website from attacks. The data collected by this service are only at IP (Internet Protocol) level. Only IP addresses, personal data of the attacker not provided. In combination with parts software we are able to track and / or prohibit these IP addresses that are attacking our website and providing all the information about cybercrime authorities when they see fit.



This Site may contain news, forums, personal web pages, e-mail and / or communication options (called "Communication Services") managed to allow the user to communicate with other users.

The user is obliged to use the Communication Services only to send, send and receive messages and materials related to the particular Communication Service.

An illustrative but not exhaustive title, in the use of a communication service, the user agrees not to:

• defaming, abusing, threatening or otherwise violating the rights of others protected by law (such as the right to protect personal data and advertising);

• publish, send, upload, disseminate any topic, name, material or inappropriate, indecent or illegal information;

• upload or make available files that contain software or other material protected by the legislation on intellectual property (or rights relating to the protection of personal data or advertising);

• upload files that contain viruses, damaged files, or any other program or software that could damage the operation or operation of other computers;

• advertise or offer for sale or purchase services for commercial purposes, unless the Communication Service allows it;

• download the files sent by another user of the Communication Service that the user knows or reasonably wishes to know, that cannot be reproduced, reported, performed and / or distributed legally according to these methods;

• falsifying or deleting information relating to the management of copyright, what is the name of an author, special or legal warnings or proprietary designations or labels of origin or the source of the software or other material contained in a file that has been added;

• restrict or prevent other users from using the Communication Services;

• gather or gather information on other users, including e-mail addresses, without their consent;

• violate any code of conduct or other guidelines that must be checked by the Communication Service;

• create a false identity in order to mislead other users;

• violate any law or regulation.

Silvia Cantu’ has no obligation to monitor the Communication Services. However, Silvia Cantu’ reserves the right to review the materials published in the Communication Services and to remove them, in whole or in part, at its sole and absolute discretion. Silvia Cantu’ also reserves the right to terminate your access to one or all Communication Services at any time, without notice and for any reason.

You acknowledge and agree that all Communication Services are public and are not private communications, so user communications may be read by others and are publicly disclosed on this Site. Silvia Cantu’ reserves the right to disclose at any time any information deemed necessary to comply with the applicable laws, rules and regulations or to modify, refuse to publish, in whole or in part, materials or information, at its sole discretion.

The user must be careful in providing data or information that allows his and his family members to be personally identified within the Communication Services. Silvia Cantu’ is not obliged to check or approve the content, messages or information available in the Communication Services and consequently assumes no responsibility for the use of the same and for any actions resulting from the user's participation in said services Communication Services.

The materials obtained from a Communication Service may be subject to limitations as to their use, their reproducibility and / or their disclosure: by downloading these materials the user assumes the responsibility to comply with these limitations.